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Michaela Lambert 🤍 Your Second Soulmate 

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Everyone deserves a second chance at love.

If you're here, it's likely because you're looking for guidance and support in the world of dating. Perhaps you've been out of the dating game for a while, or maybe you're finding it hard to navigate the modern dating landscape.

Whatever stage of your journey and whatever level of support you require, I'm here to help you find the love and companionship you deserve and desire.

So if you're ready to take the next step in your dating journey, I invite you to explore my services and see how I can help you find your second soulmate.

Featured Services

VIP Services

Tailored love and dating coaching programs provide personalized support and flexible pacing for successful outcomes.

Group Programs

Safe, intimate space for learning and reflection, fostering transformation through shared experiences and support from like-minded women.

Power Sessions

Have a specific issue you need coaching on in a 60 minute session? Choose from our standard power sessions or propose your own.


VIP Services

These bespoke love and dating coaching programs are tailored specifically to your needs and delivered with a high degree of personal support at a pace to suit you, to ensure successful outcomes.

Savvy Dating Mastery

A comprehensive 6 month program, aimed at giving you the highest level of transformation and support. By the end of the program you will have thoroughly up-levelled your mindset and energy, be clear about what you want and have the confidence to take aligned action steps without fear. Includes a VIP intensive half day, 1:1 sessions and unlimited access to Michaela via voxer or telegram.

Savvy Dating Kickstarter

A 30 day intensive, designed to give you the inner confidence and the outer tools to be able to begin dating for success. At the end of the intensive, you will have a magnetic online profile that reflects the authentic you, as well as a solid plan for dating for success. Includes 1:1 coaching sessions and support via voxer or telegram

VIP Day Intensive

A 1:1 coaching intensive, held either virtually over zoom or in person (Bath, UK). The focus is decided upon beforehand and then we meet for either half a day, a full day or two full days to fast track your transformation, with a follow up call held 30 days later. Includes 30 days of access via voxer or telegram.

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You are a unique woman and you deserve a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.


    Group Programs

    Group programs are safe and intimate containers where you can learn from other participants and reflect on how the concepts apply in your own relationships. The programs and workshops aim to step you through the process of transformation together - with the added support of a sisterhood of women who understand you because they are on the same journey as you.

  • The Savvy Dating™ Kickstarter is a 10-week small group coaching container which gives you clarity and sets you up with the tools able to be dating confidently by the end of the program. It runs every quarter and includes weekly group calls, training modules and materials.  

  • The Savvy Dating™ Club is a year long membership program that is currently being developed. It will include access to the Savvy Dating self-study course, as well as monthly group calls and live workshops.

  • My proven, proprietary S.A.V.V.Y. Dating™ System, helps you to harness your feminine power and align it to your goals and mindset, so you can attract the partner and relationship of your dreams by guiding you to:


    ✅ understand who you are at your core and fall in love with yourself first

    ✅ get clear on what you really need and want in a partner and in a relationship

    ✅ recognise and attract quality partners

    ✅ navigate the dating phase to build a lasting, healthy relationship

    ✅ understand how to date without giving your power away, like the valuable, powerful woman you are

    Regardless of the container you choose, I take you through my proven, proprietary S.A.V.V.Y.™ Dating System, which helps you to harness your feminine power and align it with your goals and mindset, so you can attract the partner of your dreams.

    Power Sessions

    Breakthrough to Soulmate Love

    Walk away with a unique action plan to help you take your first - or next - steps towards the relationship you desire and deserve, based on the clarity you gain in this session about: 

    What your true dream relationship actually looks and feels like

    The real reason you don't yet have the relationship you really want

    ✅ What you need to do to breakthrough those blocks to soulmate love 

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    Online Profile Makeover

    Enhance your online presence and increase your chances of finding meaningful connections with our focused and professional power session.

    ✅ Receive expert feedback on your current profile, valuable suggestions for improvement, and assistance in crafting a compelling personal brand

    ✅ Highlight your strengths, interests, and values to attract compatible partners who appreciate the real you.

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    Let's get to know each other...

    Book a call with me to find out exactly how I can help you heal and release whatever might be holding you back from dating success, so you can show up as your amazing self and attract the right partner for you! 

    I can help you to: 

    ✅ Heal your love blocks and wounds

    ✅ Rewire your beliefs about yourself, men, dating and relationships

    ✅ Create new dating patterns

    ✅ Date like a high value woman

    ✅ Successfully navigate the modern dating world

    ✅ Attract high quality partners

    ✅ Call in your soulmate


    Book a call

    How does it work?

    To get started on any of these programs, simply follow the steps below.

    Step 1

    Click on any of the 'Book a call' buttons on this site and answer a few simple questions before scheduling your free 20 minute 'Soulmate Discovery' call with Michaela to discuss your unique dating situation.

    Step 2

    If it seems that it's a good fit and you'd like to explore options for working together, you'll be invited to join a longer call with Michaela. 

    Step 3

    Once you are enrolled and onboarded in the program of your choice, get ready to find soulmate love!

    How would you like to have the same kind of results as my past clients?

    • M.T. went from a people pleaser who was scared to show up online to a dating rock star! She is now happily planning her retirement with her man.

    • C.G. hadn't dated in over 15 years and had never been in a relationship. In her first week of joining Bumble, she went on 3 different coffee dates and has been seeing M for 2 months.

    • A.A. went from attracting scammers and creeps online to meeting men who were much more aligned to her. She called in her soulmate.

    • D.S. didn't feel any chemistry with the men she was dating and when she did, things never progressed beyond the first date. She learnt to lower her guard and connect to men in a more authentic way and now her new problem is how to choose between the men she likes!

    • D.A. went from being guarded and not trusting men to being able to open her heart and stay open when dating for the first time in over 10 years.

    • C.E. had such a bad time dating after her divorce that she swore she wanted to give up. She learned to relax and enjoy the process and says it's 'easy' to show up and be her best self and attract great men. She's been with her new love for the last 6 months.

    • J.H. had a pattern of attracting narcissists and suffered from body issues and low self-esteem. She now has the confidence to refuse low quality men and is holding out for the right person.

    • C.Z. had been dating online for years but felt invisible. We worked together to uncover her blocks and she now feels renewed energy and excitement to get back out there.

    "Michaela helped me to connect authentically with men in ways that guaranteed a second date and more."

    D.S., 46, US