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Michaela Lambert 🤍 Your Second Soulmate 

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"Being ready to date is a decision, not a destination..!"

Words of wisdom I wished I had realised when I was struggling to get back into dating a decade ago, just a few years after losing my partner to cancer in my late 30s.

By the time I eventually plucked up the courage to start dating again, I realised that the dating world was totally different from the last time I'd been single (in the '90s) - and I was totally lost...!!  

I spent a number of years navigating the new dating world and learning everything I could, both first-hand and from my mentors... until I finally cracked the code and met the love of my life.

Since then, it has been my mission to help women navigate the (often confusing!) modern dating world.

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I founded Your Second Soulmate because I understand how anxiety-inducing it can feel having to put yourself out there and date when you haven't done so for years.

It's bad enough feeling like an awkward teenager again, but when you've got every other area of your life together, I get how frustrating it is when nothing you try seems to work out. 

❌ Attracting creeps or men you don't feel any chemistry with ... or maybe even no-one at all... 

❌ Dead-end dates with duds that never seem to go anywhere...

❌ Being ghosted, just when you thought things were going well...

❌ Finding yourself yet again in the same kind of dating pattern and/or attracting the same type of men...

❌ Feeling like a fraud and fed up with all the second-guessing and game-playing that just exhausts you

And the worst possible outcome is you either end up hating yourself, hating men or hating dating - We don't want that for you AT ALL! 

So if you're struggling in your dating or relationships and you'd like to finally breakthrough and attract your soulmate, then I invite you to... 

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I believe that every woman has the power to create and attract amazing love - a partner who aligns with her perfectly on every level, regardless of her age, relationship history, looks, 'baggage', or anything else holding her back.

Michaela is a Transformational Love Coach and Dating Empowerment Mentor for single women in midlife who want to attract a quality partner for a lasting relationship. She is married to her second soulmate, Steve, after meeting online in 2016, and they now live together in a blended family with their two sons and two daughters in the south-west of England.

Having been an educator and coach for over 20 years, Michaela is on a mission to help other women navigate the (often confusing!) modern dating world, so that they too can find their soulmate. After investing so much time and energy in learning how to call in such a wonderful partner, she was called to share her knowledge with other women who were struggling to make dating work for them.

As a transformational Law of Attraction coach, with further certifications in NLP, hypnosis, EFT and TIME™ Techniques, she helps her clients shift their mindset blocks, as well as process emotional healing, so that they can feel ready to attract amazing love.

Using the teaching skills gained from 20+ years as an educator, she has condensed all of her knowledge into a holistic method, the S.A.V.V.Y.™ Dating System, which uses a blend of mindset shifting, heart-healing and energetic tools, along with high value dating methods to help women to date in a fully authentic and aligned way.

Michaela is a speaker who has appeared on a number of podcasts and also the host of the Second Soulmate Summit, which has just finished it's third season.  

Over the past few years, she has worked with women around the globe (4 continents and counting!) to break through their love blocks and successfully attract soulmate love….

Client Testimonials

"Before working with you, I felt stuck in life. Not really knowing why my previous relationships have not worked out. Working with you has led me to a realization of where my "stuckness" came from. It has opened my eyes and my heart to where my prison has been."

Diana, 63 (Divorced, USA)

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