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Michaela Lambert 🤍 Your Second Soulmate 

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From People Pleaser to Dating Rockstar!

Maria came to me with a fear of being visible on online dating sites. She had a pattern of choosing men who couldn't meet her needs and she had never had a relationship that lasted beyond a few months. We worked on clearing the blocks to Maria's sense of worthiness so she could fully believe in the possibility of attracting the man of her dreams and with my guidance she showed up in all her radiance.  She got clear on what she really wanted and created a magnetic online profile, gaining confidence in connecting, discerning and meeting quality matches. Within a few months, she was dating not one, but three amazing men and soon she chose the one who best met her needs and her long term vision.  She is now happily planning the next stage of her life with him and she's delighted because this is the first relationship she's had that has lasted over a year and still going strong!

MariaT, 54, (Single, Ireland)

I’ve learned to love and accept myself

When I first met Michaela I was stuck in a rut. I was unsure of how to move my love life forward, because I was still hung up on someone I knew was bad for me.  Now  I've become more clear about what I want (and don’t want!) moving forwards. I definitely feel ready to move on from my toxic past relationships because I know I deserve better!

Jess H, 47, (Single, UK)

Our work together was so powerful!

Before working with you, I felt stuck in life. Not really knowing why my previous relationships have not worked out. It has opened my eyes and my heart to where my prison has been. I now feel energized, and hopeful, knowing where my blockages come from, and what I need to do to move forward. I loved that you got to the root of the problem quickly and we were able to work on it, and give me enlightenment. You are amazing.....

Diana A, 63 (Divorced, US)

Thank you for helping me to meet my soulmate!

I felt so lonely after I was scammed the first time I dated online. I had no idea how to date, flirt, and how to approach online dating again after the scam. While working with you I felt very supported, loved, and nurtured. Your encouragement to stay true to myself was priceless. With your guidance, I was able to create a new positive dating pattern where I felt more in control, and also I had a lot of fun. Also, you really helped me to stay true to myself and to my heart's desire while I was dating. 

Angelica A, ( Divorced, Australia)

It was an eye-opening experience for me. I have learned so much! 

Michaela has a laser-like focus. Her three-part process is amazing! Michaela’s pleasant manner and insightful questions quickly revealed blocks I was unaware of. As our conversation deepened, she delved further into areas I can address to pave the way for an extraordinary love life. The action steps Michaela provided are not only perceptive but also simple to follow. I am genuinely grateful for Michaela's coaching; I have learned so much about myself! I am now eager to embrace dating, armed with the insights acquired during the session.

Cheryl, 60 (US)

I learned to soften and relate to men in a feminine way and it worked like magic! 

My schedule was so busy that I didn’t have a whole lot of time for dating. When I did get online, I was attracting men, but I rarely felt any chemistry with them when I met them. Also, I was finding it hard to get second dates, even though these men had pursued me hard to get the first one! I’ve been divorced twice and I realised that I just didn’t understand men (or they didn’t get me?), which is why I hired Michaela. She helped me to connect authentically with men in ways that guaranteed a second date and more. I learned to soften and relate to men in a feminine way and it worked like magic - with so many great guys to choose from, my problem is now choosing which one I like best!

D.S., 45 (US)

Dating has a whole new colour and my future looks bright again!

Working with Michaela has helped me open my heart to the possibility of being happy in a relationship again. I’ve learned to feel positive and optimistic about the future and I am more confident in myself and in what I can bring to my next relationship. I’ve learned so much about me and what makes me tick through this process and I’m more conscious of my needs in a relationship now. Dating now has a whole new colour and my future looks bright again!

A.R, 50, South Africa

From hating dating to having FUN dating!

Carmel was a divorced single mama who encountered so many dating disasters that she decided to forget dating and focus on herself an rebuilding her life.  When the time was right for her to give things another try, she realised that she was carrying a boatload of fears around dating again. Holding her by the hand, Carmel learned to date in a way that was not only more empowering, but also heaps more FUN! Within a few months of working together, she has attracted her soulmate and is preparing to introduce him to her son!

Carmel, 45, Canada

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