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Thank you for helping me to meet my soulmate!


Yoga Instructor, 48, Australia

I now feel like the sort of partner who deserves an amazing man!


Manager,  43, US

Michaela was so patient and gentle, even when challenging me to take the next step and she eventually got out of my comfort zone. I would definitely recommend her to women who are starting over in their love life and who need some help to feel good about themselves and about dating again. I feel stronger and more confident than I have in a long while and I feel ready to put myself out there again when it comes to dating!


My schedule was so busy that I didn’t have a whole lot of time for dating. When I did get online, I was attracting men, but I rarely felt any chemistry with them when I met them. Also, I was finding it hard to get second dates, even though these men had pursued me hard to get the first one! I’ve been divorced twice and I realised that I just didn’t understand men (or they didn’t get me?), which is why I hired Michaela. She helped me to connect authentically with men in ways that guaranteed a second date and more. I learned to soften and relate to men in a feminine way and it worked like magic - with so many great guys to choose from, my problem is now choosing which one I like best!

DEB, 43, US 

I had been on-line dating for several years with not much success. I was thrilled to work with Michaela as I have been impressed with her coaching style. Michaela has a laser-like focus. 

I am truly grateful for Michaela’s coaching. I have learned so much! I am excited to continue on-line dating prepared with the tools and knowledge I have gained. 


Working with Michaela has helped me open my heart to the possibility of being happy in a relationship again. I’ve learned to feel positive and optimistic about the future and I am more confident in myself and in what I can bring to my next relationship. I’ve learned so much about me and what makes me tick through this process and I’m more conscious of my needs in a relationship now. Dating now has a whole new colour and my future looks bright again!

KATE, 48, UK